Monday, July 27, 2015

The Neutral Color Palette

One of the most popular directions in interiors today is a neutral color palette. When well executed it is a sophisticated and chic look.  How do you give it interest and keep it from becoming too flat and sterile?

Mix patterns and textures. Try to visualize what the room would look like in a black & white photo- is it all the same color of gray- mix it up.

Use different but similar colors. Mix different grays with beiges. Add white and ivory to give it a pop.

Use both soft feminine elements and hard or masculine elements and organic and inorganic elements. Add side panels, pillows, and rugs to soften a more masculine space. Use metals with florals or coral specimens.

Add a little color in art & accessories. A neutral interior is a great background for a fabulous piece of art. A little touch of color in a throw pillow or rug can really make a statement in an otherwise neutral room. 

Added interest with padded headboard wall

Masculine and feminine elements

Mixing textures and finishes to create interest

Subtle palette- interest added with textures- sparkle of glass backsplash
& metals

Greige study

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