Monday, June 22, 2015

From Boring Bath to Soothing Spa!

BEFORE shot of the tub
Have you ever though about turning a boring bathroom into a beautiful spa?  This can be done with some attention to detail and a little space planning. You'd be surprised how much good space planning can make a bathroom grow!

We have included some before and after photos of a bathroom that needed some TLC and a little less togetherness for the husband and wife. You ladies know how we tend to own the entire counter top! Most husbands are patient, but they really love it when they get their private domain!  Giant tub decks can sometimes just be dust collectors and wet towel holders, and they take up soooo much room without providing paybacks.

So let's take a look at a recent project that transformed boring to beautiful!

If you love tub soaks, consider a slipper tub!
The oversized tub deck was removed and replaced by a sleek free standing slipper tub.  A stone and accent glass wainscoting was installed on two sides of the tub and on the floor under the tub.  This tied the new to the existing stone shower.  A glass wall was added between the shower and tub, keeping everything airy and light.  Glass shelves were inserted in front of the glass block, perfect for holding battery operated remote controlled candles...........soooo romantic! A small table sets next to the tub to hold soaps, towels and toilet articles.

BEFORE shot of the vanity
Even the yellow roses couldn't do anything to make this vanity beautiful and functional.  We replaced this with updated cabinetry in a pretty chiffon color, new granite tops in creamy colonial gold, faucets and light fixtures. 
AFTER shot of the vanity
The new vanity provides extra storage space as well as separate areas for him and her.  Notice the wood and tile frames that surround the mirrors.  The stylish new light fixtures are inserted in the mirrors.

All the little details transformed this so so master bath into a classy spa bath that is both functional and beautiful.

Watch for our next post,
Hillary and Ann

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